This is my kitchen table. That is the normal place setting.

That is my dinning room table. Those are the normal place settings. Don’t judge me.

I have too many cats. My Chewy bills are outrageous. How many cats do you need to become a cat sanctuary/rescue? As I write this piece, my cat, Gertrude, is by my side, next to…

Not as easy as you think

I had lived in Oroville only a few years and had never ventured out into the country side when I realized raising a kid, working part time and going to college wasn’t financially feasible. I was exhausted and we needed money. At that time…

Illustration from Dreamstime_61982454

It has recently come to my attention that a large portion of my philosophy has come from Star Trek, the original series. For those of you who don’t know anything about Star Trek, I forgive your ignorance and your lack of knowledge about science fiction’s cultural high…

Pam Saraga

Old enough to see the issue & young enough to try and fix the problem.

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